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King Arthur

Serious Voice

 Brooklyn emcee Serious Voice carries every essence of BK and New York in every step she takes. Rooted in her Christian beliefs and her experiences growing up, Serious Voice brings the pain and hardship she’s dealt with and turned it into honest no holds barred hip-hop music. Inspired by the legendary Queen Latifah’s line in UNITY “Who you calling a b*tch” Serious Voice at a young age knew she wanted to take over the rap game. SOSERIOUS.NET

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Red Lion Mellow McKnight





DAY #1

Lemzi (UK Hip Hop Artist)

Aspiring artist Lemzi is a potent lyricist who enjoys experimenting with the sounds and styles of different eras.  He describes his music as hip hop that is influenced by the jazz and soul artists of the early days, as well as the boombap style of the 90s whilst also touching on the UK’s sublow, garage and grime styles. Influenced by artists such an NAS, Emimen, Big L, Kano, Ghetts and Dizzee Rascal, Lemzi is determined to be an individual in the next generation of UK Hip-Hop that brings all aspects of the MC; lyricism, freestyle and the creation of stories and concepts that are different to the norm.

Shakarah Kemp a.k.a Starr Trilli 

This  energetic, explosive Bahamian Rapper hails from Freeport, Grand Bahama Bahamas. Says that her Lyrics are from her personal life experiences and trials.  Referred to as a “Powerhouse” by some International Radio Personalities. Her newest Single “Nice 2 Meet Ya” was released February 2019 and has already gripped the international airwaves. She is currently working on her mixed tape and is really excited.....  Stay tuned ......

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Treasured Peace

Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Ja’Nea Evans Also Known as "Treasured Peace” Has always been an active member in the Entertainment Industry. At the young age of 7 she discovered her passion for music. Treasured moved to Hawaii, picked up an interest in playing the piano and began taking lessons. Treasured has won dozens of competitions. She eventually joined a musical while in Hawaii. She also performed at Club Pipeline for Nicki Minaj's after party and at the “Aloha Tower”.

Michael Dion- Singer, Producer & Song writer 

Michael Dion, Singer & Songwriter has worked with, Kelly Rowland, Drake, Blaque, TLC and the list goes on. He stepped into the iAS Studios to update our hosts and viewers on his latest projects. He's down to earth, humble and talented.

Best Known for his 2006 Collaboration on internet Single "Sweet Love" with his Cousin Mr. Cheeks of the 90's group 'Lost Boys'. Check him out! Michael Dion on ALL Social Media


aka Miz Tiffany

Tiffany "Miz Tiffany" Coleman-McGee has been coined a "triple threat in entertainment." Tiffany is Mississippi's first multi-award-winning Urban Gospel Rap Artist.  Her trendsetting work has broken traditions within the four walls of the church as well as introduced a unique multi-cultural and ethnic style of music and ministry to urban and hip hop communities.


Moe got his start, at 15, working with his brothers in the church.  As he honed his skills he landed a spot on the Heatmakerz production team; responsible for Diplomatic Immunity and Purple Haze. All the while, making beats and demos for neighborhood friends; Moe began working with Sean Puffy Combs, Wyclef Jean and host of producers and artists getting his first placement on DJ Kay Slay's mix-tape 'Street Sweeper Vol. 2' (Untouchables Prodigy/Raekwon.  Moe has traveled the world playing with your favorite artists watching learning and applying his energy to his business; Moement Records LLC  and branding his creation with vigor.... Check him out at

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The Terms:  iAS Independent Artist Charts features Artists names and songs based on the best songs chosen, from our in-studio audience, special guests and global online viewers Live on our show.  Songs are judged by content, quality, originality and their potential to make Radio or Dj Picks in clubs.

Free Plays: Artist / Song Name Displayed on iAS Chart         Guaranteed Plays: Artist / Song Name & Link Displayed on iAS Chart

1. Artist - DC Teddy - Song: Real Love ........ 

2. Artist - Mar $ Noel - Song: Water Falls

3. Artist - P La Cangri - Song: Esta Cabron

Jan 04, 2020

1. Artist - Knowitall -

Song: 'Progression Lesson' Brought to us by

Funky Cuz Ceo of Indelible Conscious

2. Artist - TANJ - Song: He's Been Good

3. Artist -Cameron Jay - Song: Champion  

4. Artist - Kyng Drew - Song: Crazy Luv

5. Artist -Ih3arthippy  - Song: Aint No


Feb 15, 2020

1. Artist - Bishop Meezz ft. Slimm -

Song: I Pray 

2. Artist - Knowel - Song: Close 3

3. Artist - Brandon Carter -

Song: Whip M2  

4. Artist - Carvery - Song: Annabelle

5. Artist - Shorty Hop & Fire - Song: Get It Started

1. Artist - Da Scarecrow Mar$ Noel X LG Roc 

Brought to us by Funky Cuz Ceo of Indelible Conscious

2. Artist - Mr.E (The Dark One) Song: Curves

3. Artist -True Trill Song: Process Ft. Prince Ak Produced by Chat One

4. Artist - Mz. Dyzihre Song: Down Low

5. Artist -N Hance Song: Last Song/ Taken from EP "State Of Mind"  Produced By the 6th Floor Recordz (UK)

Feb 28, 2020

1. Artist - Five Steez - Song: Work - Brought to us by

Funky Cuz Ceo of Indelible Conscious  

2. Artist - Onique - Song: Four Season Lover

3. Artist - Jaf Rufflemon ft. Junynho - Song: Pose - Song: Esta Cabron

Jan 18, 2020

Feb 01, 2020

 QUARANTINE 1-6 2020




 QUARANTINE 10-11 2020


 QUARANTINE 12-16 2020


Manchester England 

 DJ Pressure 

Hosts the turntable cypher sessions on Chuck D's Rapstation 365 Radio has worked with Ghost Face Killah, Onyx, Rock Steady Crew,  VViked, Killah Priest, just to name a few .....

Rapstation coming soon

E Jay the DJ

From New York

to Dubai, iHeartRadio, Fubu Radio


Featured on,,Wrmr 88.7FM, impact, RaidoAob,

Dj Lil Budda

One of the Bronx's f

inest Dj's





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