Independent Artist Spotlight

The iAS Publication is  produced under the umbrella of iCreeupree LLC.  The iAS (Independent Artist Spotlight) Publication is an extension to the iAS Live Music Review Show. The show is Promoting and Marketing Independent artists while bringing attention too their music and their brand.  This Publication is based off of letting "The People Speak." 

The iAS Publication is designed to highlight and

spotlight independent artists building their professional portfolios and brands.

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Submission Policy: IAS welcomes submissions of news, Artists, books, and information about positive organizations and individuals all over the world. When you send in a submission you agree to the following: Your work is original, you are the creator. IAS has the right to publish your submission, your name and your website. IAS  has no obligation regarding your submission. Final editing of all submitted works is done by IAS . IAS  does not pay authors for articles and other submissions. By submitting work to IAS the said author /creator acknowledges that work is not in violation of any prior U.S. and/or International Copyright agreements. The author/creator of said work also acknowledges that any legal recourse involving Copyright infringement, plagiarism and/or other type of fraud is the sole responsibility of the author/creator involved, exonerating IAS completely.

Contact information

Ceo - Joli Harris / Founder         Bronx New, York