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The newest and next best thing for the INDEPENDENT community. We're a Production Company based out of the Bronx that is dedicated to helping Independent artist and small businesses with visual content for commercials, event production and entertainment. Currently we are producing the iAS Live Music Review; an online music review show you can watch right here on this site or Verizon & Optimum TV. We would love the opportunity to work for you. Icreeupree and its super team can help you compete with some of the most renowned and admired brands. We come with writers, directors & producers on every scale; single-camera studio interview to multi-camera, multi-crew commercial shoot, in multiple locations. Regardless the scope or budget, we approach all projects the same way: professional and effective. Allow us to help you with your next project.


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Mission Statement:  To assist the independent community of  artists and small businesses reach their goals by providing affordable services.



Allow Icreeupree to help you with your visual needs. It can be anything from an: upcoming entertainment event you're promoting, a new product line you're selling, a political campaign, camera crew for your movie, visuals for your podcast, or a simple  video to help tell the story. Visuals help raise your target demographic's awareness as well as make them clearer of your products or services.