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Allow Icreeupree to help you with your visual needs. It can be anything from an: upcoming entertainment event you're promoting, a new product line you're selling, a political campaign, camera crew for your movie, visuals for your podcast, or a simple  video to help tell the story. Visuals help raise your target demographic's awareness as well as make them clearer of your products or services ....


 The iAS LIVE MUSIC REVIEW show is focused on using creative ways to engage with their audience via social media, print media and television; the goal is to help bring attention to your music, your business, your brand.


They are reviewing music from Independent Artists Worldwide. Like Love or Lose it!!! They let the PEOPLE Speak! You can find more of the iAS LIVE MUSIC REVIEW at



The advantage of videos: They help with the marketing of your business, defiantly boosts conversation, looks impressive  with you marketing and promotional campaigns, Build trust and creditable and great to share on all your social media platforms. In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s critical to find new, unique ways to make your product or service stand out in the crowd of marketers.

Video marketing is nothing new, but it’s certainly proving to be a powerful, effective part of marketing strategy—now more than ever. 

When considering to do a  video, it should be seen as an investment.The more videos you have to help educate and inform your customers, the more you will build on that foundation of trust, knowing that trust translates to sales. But in most cases, you can’t deny that it’s easier to watch a video than sit and read text, right? This 




Voice overs for commercials are a proven solution to make your otherwise boring content more lively. A great voice over can help to elevate your business above your competition.

The purpose of the voice over in a commercial is th convey the tone of the brand and provide information about the product or services.

The selecting of the voice needed depends on the target demographic and market, the voice may sound like an Corp professional, the guy next door, or perhaps an expert on a specific subject.  Soft Sell Vs Hard Sell - (Soft) typically is Friendly and impressive. This is when you use a easy going not to pushy tone. You will find a little humor in the  Script. Humor helps to get your audience attention without being direct. (Hard) - Will often say things like there is a limited time offering a more aggressive tone.


This voice will generally be more powerful, with the intentions of getting the consumer to purchase a product or service right away. Hard sells are more aggressive in nature more then likely because the products are not what consumers need daily but what consumers desire or want. So if hard sell is what you chose, then you will want to create a more aggressive script and get someone with  an  announcer style voice and a deeper register. 


Allow Icreeupree to assist you with your next event. 

With over 20 years of experience we aim to be your strategic partner. We ensure the success of your event from beginning to end.

(A TIP) We work under the core principles of accountability transparency, integrity, and professionalism. It is our objective to leave you worry-less and satisfied. Our capabilities, know-how and resources enable us to create easy going events; without chaos.


There is no request we haven't heard. We are flexible, creative and visionaries. Regardless of the scope or budget, we approach all projects the same.


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Ceo - Joli Harris / Founder

Bronx New, York


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