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Imessiah Soul


For booking: Joli Harris

Hosting, Recording & Performance

Imessiah Soul is an artist, singer and songwriter who is known to her peers as “The Truth.” This natural beauty is a one- woman Soul Machine. Rocking her esthetic natural hair on stage, this soul sistah has a presence that is unforgettable. The stage is her living room and audiences are her personal house guests. Imessiah’s riveting performance is one to be desired. Imessiah Soul can belt out a note, cue the band to bring it down and capture the audience all at one time. Yes, indeed, Imessiah will kindly tell anyone “what she knows” because God has given her a unique gift. One of Imessiah Souls’ famous euphemisms she holds dear to her heart is, “The Truth is the only thing in the world that could never be a lie” with that being said, Imessiah Soul is sure to win you over! Imessiah Soul message in her music is to teach you what true love is all about. “Love begins with self” is her mantra. Feel the vision of Imessiah Soul, listen for the message in her music, Imessiah Soul is here to set the record straight you heard!


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