The Production of  'I Don’t Owe U Nothin'  (Domestic Violence awareness event) 


Written and Directed by Joli. Performers include R&B Diva recording artist Meli'sa Morgan (Do Me Baby,  Fools Paradise,  Do You Still Love Me, Love Changes) along with  Recording artist Clayton Bryant (Oscar & Grammy winning best documentary 20 feet from stardom)Tracey Nicole, Saundra Price, Imessiah Soul and Sunshiine Woodall. 


'I don’t Owe U Nothin', is based on true events.

A story that is being told through a collage of live music that will make you laugh, smile, cry, go back down memory lane and rock with the music as you sing along, all while bringing awareness to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. You are sure to enjoy this event as well as become aware of the seriousness of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. We would love to bring this show to you. 




Meli'sa Morgan

Imessiah Soul

Sunshiine Woodall



Play setting

Live Band setting

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